Tow N Collect Mini

by Farm Trailers on 21 July 2010

Yes they are now here, the new MINI collector as shown in the photos above.

Save time and your back with the all NEW ground driven horse manure collector.

Designed to be towed up to 12KM/hr behind an ATV (or any stable tow vehicle). Once you have used Tow N Collect you won’t want to waste your days using the shovel again.

We do our paddocks with one; it removes the horse manure, small stones, small sticks, leaves, mowed lawn grass that was lying around. The more you use it the more groomed your paddock looks by the regular brushing.

With 3 horses it took 30 minutes to clean up one week’s worth of manure and empty a couple of times, that’s 10 minutes per horse. Then back to riding, spending time with our family, having fun!!

Try it on Alpaca, Llama manure as it is faster than the Vacuum machines.

By regularly removing manure, you are breaking the reproductive cycle of the internal parasites leading to improved animal health and less need to drench.

Collection Width: 700mm
Overall Width :1450mm
Length: 2170mm
Height: 950mm
Weight: 125Kg
Catcher Volume: 320litres


-Easy open 320litre Catcher

-Adjustable Tines

-1 7/8 Tow Coupling

-Replaceable Nylon Brushes

-12 month Warranty -Full Workshop Service

RRP $4690 plus GST

Let us do a free demo in your paddocks if you are keen.

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