What owners of the Majik Groomers are saying,

“We have used it a number of times now & are well impressed.
I was a bit hesitant about spending 3k on something that will sit in the shed 90% of the time.
It was probably one of the best things we could of done in terms of care for the arena & its longevity.
The ease of use & what it does to improve the condition of the surface for the horses is unmatched, its so soft under foot we could run a volleyball tournament on it”.
Simon & Shelley Austin [simon@nzwireless.co.nz]

“Competing dressage horses to Grand Prix level takes dedication and many hours of training.
It is imperative to me that my horses work on a surface that is soft and springy under foot, but at the same time is totally level.
For the past six months I have been using the Majic Mini Groomer on my Sand / Rubber arena and have been very impressed with the way it “fluffs up” the surface and leaves a smooth, professional finish. I am confident that my horses are training on the very best surface that I can provide – the Mini Groomer helps immensely!”

Hi Kerry.  The arena grader is fantastic and has improved our surface beyond sight.
Regards Nikki Brooks, Brookleigh Estate, Upper Swan, WA 6069

Because we have such a hard packed sand surface (beneath rubber) that we need to rip up abit and take off the high bits, we get really good results after rain.
We have been giving it a good go after the recent rain and it is getting better and better. It has certainly improved the footing.
I have definitely been spreading the word.
Wendi Williamson, Auckland.

Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the Arena Groomer.

After using it just a few times, the arena surface improved dramatically and

was much more even  and just keeps getting better.  My horse definitely

feels the difference and so do I!  Just wish I’d been in a position to

purchase one much earlier.  Thank you.

Kind regards

Sue Paterson

Wairoa Lodge


“great service, very prompt response to initial enquiry and delivery of topper to try. Having the opportunity to try it left me in no doubt this was what I needed. Very pleased with the machine and it makes managing our 10 acres very easy.”

Steve Gerrard


After purchasing a Topper based on Simon’s recommendations, not only have we been pleased with the results of the recommended solution, but even more impressive is the support and after sales service that has been provided to us.

As small lifestyle block owners, The  Tow and Mow Twin 1000 has proven to be the perfect solution for our specific toppings needs.  It has also met all of our expectations in terms of ease of use, stability and mobility and is the perfect companion to our ATV.

Throughout our interactions, Simon focused on providing us with the most appropriate solution to meet our specific needs and he maintained a strong focus on a value based proposition and not over selling.

Simon is a Top Guy and based on his exceptional levels of personalised service and support  with prompt response to further requests for assistance we can gladly recommend him and his team.

Steve & Vicki Howes

West Melton.

Tow and Mow Twin 1270

John Ross – Victoria, Australia

We have a 20 acre property which needs quite a bit of paddock maintenance. Over the past years, we have bought quite a few lawnmowers from lightweight to commercial but all of them do just a reasonable job. With the Tow and Mow, we saw that it was more robust. We got a trial from Tow and Farm and were very impressed with the machine which was very easy to start and very easy to maintain. In comparison, we were topping this paddock with a lawnmower that would take 2 hours and with the Tow and Mow, it takes just 20 minutes. It does a first class job and now even the kids can use it.

Tow and Collect 1500 Pro

Jean Ross – Victoria, Australia

I can honestly say it’s the best thing ive ever bought for the farm and for my horses. I couldn’t believe that it could pick up a paddock worth of poo in just minutes, when it used to take me hours to do it with a wheelbarrow and spade. The more I use it, the easier it became and now my 14 year old uses it. In the summer, I use it every night which reduces the flies in the property. My clean-up is now done in minutes as opposed to the back-breaking half-an-hour of just one lane-way picking up all the poo.

Tow and Collect 1500 Pro

Melissa Newsome – Maryland, USA

I love my Tow and Collect. It used to take 3 people, 4 days to pick up all of our manure. With the Tow and Collect, I did this job by myself in only 6 hours. The Tow and Collect doesn’t bother my horses at all. We haven’t had to use any de-worming medicine this year. I told my husband it was a better present than jewellery.

Tow and Collect 1500 Pro

Sara Thornett – West Sussex, UK

We have tried many paddock sweepers and hoovers over the years. With the Tow and Collect we cleaned 10 acres in just one hour, where it used to take half a day before. Not all machines out there are easy to use, but this one is very user friendly for ladies. It’s nice and quiet and my horses don’t take any notice of it at all. Recently we took faecal egg count samples of the 10 horses and 6 out of the 10 had a zero worm count which was excellent.

Tow and Collect 1500 Pro

Karen Sifton – Alberta, Canada

We’ve had our Tow and Collect for 3 years, before then it was just the bucket and fork! Before the Tow and Collect we were doing parasite control on all 9 horses, now after the Tow and Collect we tested the faecal egg count and only had to treat 3 horses. We have now significantly reduced the amount of de-worming medication required, which helps reduce resistance to the medication. Our dealings with Tow and Farm Inc have been very positive.

Tow and Collect Mini 700

Nicola Rowsell – Hampshire, UK

I was Poo Picking with a shovel and a wheelbarrow, this was taking over an hour a day. I didn’t think there would be a machine out there that would be any good, but as soon as I saw the Tow and Collect Mini 700 working, it was just like magic, so within a week I had my own machine. My fields are in very good condition now, and obviously poo free!! It’s the most handy and time effective machine you can use on your fields.

Tow and Collect Mini 700

Paul Elliot – Ontario, Canada

I clean goose poop from a 15 acre municipal park with my Mini 700. This job used to take 8 hours with my old vacuum machine, but with the Mini 700, I can get it done in 2.5hrs. The Tow and Collect is the fastest easiest way to get the job done right.

Tow and Collect Mini 700

Nicole Tassone – Victoria, Australia

We run a programme called Raising the Standards where we offer a 2nd chance at life to retired and unsuccessful harness racing horses. Before we got the Tow and Collect, we were using a wheelbarrow and blood sweat and tears. It has changed the dynamic of this programme as it used to take 15hrs to clean with the wheelbarrow and now with Tow and Collect, I can do it in 45mins (which includes opening and closing gates). The best thing I like about this machine is the toll it doesn’t put on my body like the wheelbarrow used to. Now my horses are now grazing all day as the paddocks have the manure completely removed from the ground. Its very easy to operate and I am not a big ‘burly’ bloke!