Terms & Conditions

 Terms & Conditions


  • All prices quoted on this website are exclusive of GST unless otherwise stated.
  • A full GST statement and receipt will be given once payment received.


  • FREE Delivery to anywhere in New Zealand

Deposit and Payment

  • If purchasing the demo machine we will do a on the spot money transfer via Internet banking.
  • When pre approval finance has been successful we will either invoice you or the finance company direct depending on their procedures, again full payment on delivery.


Pre-Approved Finance



  • The customer acknowledges that it is purchasing the machinery to operate within the conditions specified by Metalform in which the performance of the machinery is guaranteed.
  • All Metalform products have a 12 month warranty.
  • The warranty covers material defects and manufacturing defects.
  • The warranty does not include wear & tear on brushes, blades, tyres and chains.
  • The warranty is void if the dealer fails to return a signed and complete Acquisition & Warranty form which is found on the last page of the User Manual, before operation of the Tow and Collect or Tow and Mow product.
  • The warranty is void if the product has failed through user abuse and/or negligence to follow maintenance procedures as described in the User Manual.
  • The manufacturer will be available to give technical advices on warranty issues.


  • Farm Trailers has insurance to cover the machinery while in transit, while we are demoing it, and has $5000000 liability.
  • As soon as the machine has paid for it becomes the owner’s responsibility for insurance.