1500 Manure Collector

by Farm Trailers on 21 July 2010



To view these machines in action please click on the link below,

Tow and Collect Video

Ideal for picking up manure over large area’s, cleaning paddocks, removing thatch. With a 1500mm wide pickup, this machine will cover 1/2 acre in approx 12 minutes.

Stop breaking your back and pick up manure the safe and easy way.
Using specially designed nylon brushes that counter-rotate, not only remove manure from your ground, the Tow and Collect 1500 Pro also picks up the dead thatch from ground. By removing this dead grass, it allows the live grass to have access to more nutrients and sunlight, which means more growth.

Using the Tow and Collect, you can easily pick up the horse manure, (golf balls, nuts, pine cones, etc) minimize the amount of parasites in your pasture, largely reduce the faecal egg count and best of all, save you time and money!

Catcher Volume; 610 litres
Collection Width; 1500mm
Overall Width; 2200mm
Overall Length; 2260mm
Overall Height; 900mm
Weight; 220kg nett, gross 250kg
Engine Options

Kohler 7 hp electric start $8590 plus GST

Brushes (Nylon); Adjustable Height – Replaceable
Tines; Adjustable Height (Spring Steel)

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