Arena-Track Groomer

by Farm Trailers on 21 July 2010

These machines are being used in a lot of the North Island main competive arenas but we have made them bigger and more powerful to suit their Arenas.

If you want to build a road you level, water and compact, and that is exactly what a lot of riders do to their arena/Track, and then they wonder why their horse pulls up short because it has sore legs.

Other riders just keep on adding more surface, but that only cures the problem for a short time, it does not eliminate the cause.

It doesn’t matter what equestrian sport you do, if you use an arena/Track, the same basic issues apply.

If we can make life easier for the horses then they will perform better and last longer.

So many of our horses get old before their time because we pound them to death on hard surfaces.

The Majik Groomer is designed to break up the top surface of your arena/Track and to keep it soft and springy under foot.

Majik Mini Groomers are

  • Competitively priced.
  • Professionally manufactured with quality componentry.
  • Built in NZ out of steel that will last, no shoddy thin wall “muck” that falls to bits at the first bump.
  • Hot dip galvanised so they will last many years.

Yes its costs a bit more, but quality pays long term.

You can buy a much cheaper “Arena Rake”, but it wont last and because it’s so lightly built you will end up disappointed.

The only maintenance required might be a set of new tines when you have eventually worn yours out, and maybe a wheel bearing or two.

Majik Mini Groomers are built to order and unless we have one in stock you may need to allow at least three weeks from the time of ordering to the time of dispatch.

The “BASIC” 1.5m MiniGroomer is ….. $3775
A 2m wide Majik MiniGroomer is ….. $3975
A 2.5m wide Majik MiniGroomer is ….. $4195
A 3m wide Majik Minigroomer is ….. $4395
A Wall Sweeper Arm is an additional NZ$375.00
A Tractor 3 Point Linkage Mount is an additional $750

Prices will be checked when enquiring.

For the serious or race clubs we are designing a special 3metre groomer to save the wear and tear on your horses legs, designed for the crusher dust surface, MORE to come.
All prices are in New Zealand Dollars, plus GST (New Zealand Sales Tax). Freight is Additional.

Tractor Mounted Arena Groomers are built to order in a range of widths from 1.5m to 3m, pricing as shown above.

We can export,

To reduce the freight price on export units some basic assembly will be required upon delivery.

Payment Is Due before Dispatch, Insurance in Transit Is Your Responsibility.

Extra money for freight maybe required.

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