Tray Hay Feeders

The feed that the cattle, horses, etc. pull out from the suspended area that doesn’t get eaten falls in the trays.

Tow n Mow 1000mm and 1270mm

It has been designed with strength and durability in mind and constructed of 4mm plate which is then zinc plated and powder coated for durable good looks.

Tow n Collect MINI

By regularly removing manure, you are breaking the reproductive cycle of the internal parasites leading to improved animal health and less need to drench. Once you have used Tow N Collect you won’t want to waste your days using the shovel again.

Arena-Track Groomer

If you want to build a road you level, water and compact, and that is exactly what a lot of riders do to their arena, and then they wonder why their horse pulls up short because it has sore legs.